Free Film Studies Courses: 

1. The Film Experience 

David Thorburn, a renowned scholar and professor at MIT, delivers captivating lectures on the intricate world of film experience. Drawing on his deep understanding of film theory, history, and culture, Thorburn expertly unpacks the multifaceted dimensions of film, delving into its visual, auditory, narrative, and emotional aspects. His lectures are enriched with thought-provoking insights and analyses, as he skillfully navigates through the complexities of cinema, exploring its power to engage, challenge, and shape our perceptions. With a keen eye for detail and a profound appreciation for the art of filmmaking, Thorburn's lectures are not only intellectually stimulating but also deeply engaging, igniting a passion for the cinematic medium in his students and leaving a lasting impression on their understanding of film experience.

2. Every Frame a Painting

This is a series of 28 video essays about film form, film editing, and cinematography created by Taylor Ramos and Tony Zhou between 2014 and 2016. Each essay explores one particular topic, often a single creator, with many organised around a scene that illustrates the idea.